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NASS Festival – the biggest highlight in the UK Freestyle calendar

NASS Freestyle Skateboarding Demo - Preview

NASS 2015 Highlights Preview

In an ever changing world, where uncertainty reigns supreme and change lurks around every corner, the NASS Festival is a welcome treat for the British Freestyle Skateboarders, welcoming demos and contests for over 10 years. 2015 was no exception, as freestylers made the trip from all over the UK to …

NASS 2014 Sunday

NASS – Sunday Demos

Going into the third day of freestyle demos at this year’s NASS Festival, it seemed as though our luck had run out. It had rained throughout the night, so we had assumed the event would be a total washout. However, it was a particularly warm summer’s day and we arrived …

NASS 2014 Saturday

NASS – Saturday Demos

It’s never easy to wake up early after a late night skating, least of all after an uncomfortable night of sleeping on the floor and sharing a bathroom with several hundred sweaty festival goers. However, still pumped up on adrenaline from the previous night’s demonstration, the NASS Festival 2014 freestylers …