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Best of LateTricks 2013

2013 has been an incredible year for freestyle skateboarding with freestylers across the world putting together some incredible video parts, contest runs and mind blowing technical combos. We’ve seen the first clean 360 Carousel, the rise of freestyle in Romania, the first knockout based freestyle contest and a whole bunch …


A Mooch with the Gooch

Should you ever find yourself in the Lake District, Northern England, I implore you steal yourself away from the luscious forests and beautiful lakes and find your way to a little town called Penrith. Penrith could well be the rainy capital of the UK, but it is a wonderful town …


In Focus – Isamu Yamamoto

Freestyle Skateboarding has always attracted athletes from a very young age. From Ruben Van Tuil and Simon Mrozinski to the incredible Rodney Mullen, young freestylers have been able to develop over the years and make a real impact on the sport. In 2013, we look to a new generation of …


Hanson and Blad at the Works

2011 Freestyle Champion John Hanson and Game of Skate extraordinaire Matt Blad know their way around technical flatland tricks, but can also throw down some incredible tricks around a skatepark. At The Works Skatepark in Leeds, I met with John and Matt for a skating and filming session and I …


Hang Ten – Game of Skate

One person does a trick. Another person attempts the same trick. If the trick is landed, everyone goes crazy. This is a Game of Skate. A simple concept but nevertheless one that has seen a great deal of success over the years. It’s hard not to enjoy the simplicity of …


In Focus – Seya Nakano

Sponsors: Country: Japan Age: 21 Seya has taken the freestyle world by storm in the last year, releasing several ridiculous video parts and placing highly in several Japanese freestyle contests. Entering this year’s World Round Up as a professional, Seya is on a mission to make a mark on …


Hang Ten – UK Style

This is Hang Ten, our special place on the internet to share some of our favourite freestyling videos from around the globe; more specifically, ten of our favourite! On our video journey through the internet, you will be treated to some of the best parts of all time, some unbelievable …