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Pick of Video Parts 2016

Pick of 2016 – Video Parts

2016 was the year that Instagram reigned supreme, with many prominent freestylers moving away from the full-length video part and sharing shorter, punchier videos on an almost daily basis. This shift could be viewed as having both a positive and a negative impact on freestyle. Whilst the continual stream of …

UK Round Up - Every Run

UK Round Up – Every Run

LateTricks were proud to bring competitive freestyle back to UK with our gloriously British (and fabulously original) event, the UK Round Up. Freestylers travelled to the UK from all over Europe for their chance to compete in the all new overkill deathmatch format contest and get their hands on their …

NASS Freestyle Skateboarding Demo - Preview

NASS 2015 Highlights Preview

In an ever changing world, where uncertainty reigns supreme and change lurks around every corner, the NASS Festival is a welcome treat for the British Freestyle Skateboarders, welcoming demos and contests for over 10 years. 2015 was no exception, as freestylers made the trip from all over the UK to …

John Hanson and Alex Foster - Freestyle Skateboarding

Not Basketball

There’s something a little bit magical about the connection between skateboarders and basketball courts. To many people, a basketball court is exactly that – a court for playing basketball. Skateboarders however see things a little differently. A basketball court is a perfect spot to hone up flatland skating, film a …

Paderborn Freestyle Skateboard Contest - Winning Runs

Paderborn – Winning Runs

When it comes to top-notch freestyle skateboarding, the Paderborn BBQ Skateboard Contest never lets you down! This year was no exception as some of the best freestylers from across the globe threw everything they had into one of the most closely-contested freestyle contests in years. Gunter Mokulys – 1st Place …

Best of Freestyle Skateboarding 2014

Best of LateTricks 2014

2014 really was an incredible year for freestyle skateboarding; and a great year for us here at LateTricks too! This year we returned to the NASS Festival, putting together three days of demonstrations with some of the UK’s finest freestylers and rousing an excitable crowd. We also ventured out to …

A Mooch with the Gooch 2 - Freestyle Skateboard Session

A Mooch with the Gooch 2

Hidden away deep within in the Lake District, lives the elusive freestyler Scaife Gooch. With an impressive arsenal of creative, technical tricks with a hint of street skating, an opportunity to visit the man in his natural habitat is not to be missed! It was November. Having rained for several …

freestyle skateboard south bank jam

UK Freestyle Jam – South Bank

A few weeks ago, freestylers from across the UK gathered for a freestyle skateboarding session at the legendary South Bank. Having recently being saved from a much-opposed refurbishment, South Bank was an ideal spot for a jam of skaters who have drawn influence from over 40 years of skateboarding knowledge. …

paderborn video highlights

Paderborn Video Highlights

To the casual onlooker, the Goldgrund skatepark in Paderborn would appear to be nothing more than your run of the mill, bog-standard skateboard park. However, to the freestyle community, this park is one of the most important places in the whole world. For over ten years, Paderborn has hosted one …