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Best of Freestyle Skateboarding 2014

Best of LateTricks 2014

2014 really was an incredible year for freestyle skateboarding; and a great year for us here at LateTricks too! This year we returned to the NASS Festival, putting together three days of demonstrations with some of the UK’s finest freestylers and rousing an excitable crowd. We also ventured out to …

Paderborn Highlights

Memories from Paderborn

For over ten years now, freestylers from across the globe have travelled to a small skatepark in the middle of nowhere to watch and compete in one of the most important contests in freestyle skateboarding. In 2014, the LateTricks team joined so many others in making the trip to Paderborn …

paderborn video highlights

Paderborn Video Highlights

To the casual onlooker, the Goldgrund skatepark in Paderborn would appear to be nothing more than your run of the mill, bog-standard skateboard park. However, to the freestyle community, this park is one of the most important places in the whole world. For over ten years, Paderborn has hosted one …

Pro Round Up

World Round Up – Pro

The professional contest at this year’s Round Up was one of the most intense I have seen, with riders jumping up and down the leaderboard, putting together new runs and combos especially for this contest. The one minute run formula is a key element in making this contest so unique, …

World Round Up 2014

The World Round Up 2014

Returning for it’s third year, the World Round Up is one of the biggest events in the freestyle calender. More so than any other contest, the World Round brings together freestylers from across the globe for one of the most hard fought and exciting contest series for decades. One of …


LateNews March-April

After making it through a dreadful winter, spring has arrived and freestylers across the world have stepped back on their boards and ventured outside. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the first freestyle contest of 2014, increased coverage for freestyle and a whole host of incredible video parts. General …

Contest Article

Win an Almost Skateboard

Since the LateTricks website was launched back in March 2013, we have strived to support the growth and development of the freestyle skateboarding community. To this day, this continues to be our aim, and we are excited to offer a new opportunity to share your skating with the world and …