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Looking Back - Ones to Watch 2015

Looking Back: Ones to Watch

Back in March 2015, we picked out some of the world’s finest freestylers, both professional and amateur, that we expected to do big things over the coming months. Sure enough, amongst our picks we saw two national champions, three major team moves and more than a handful of epic video …

Pick of 2015 - Freestyle Skateboarding Video PArts

Pick of 2015 – Video Parts

With the rise of social media sites like Instagram and Vine, there has been a steady decline of full-length skateboarding parts in recent years. Thankfully, there are still more than a handful of dedicated freestylers who still put in some time to put together a solid part and leave a …

Freestylers Choice 2015

Freestylers Choice 2015

For the second year running, we put the question to you, the wonderful freestyle fanatics from across the globe, to nominate your picks for the top professional and amateur freestylers over the last twelve months. This year we received a record number of results and a wonderfully diverse array of …

Pick of 2015 - Amateur Freestyle Skateboarding

Pick of 2015 – Amateur

As the popularity of freestyle skateboarding continues to grow, there are hundreds of new up and coming freestylers popping up across the globe, bringing a spectacular array of new tricks, combos and styles and making a real impact on the scene. The amateur contest scene has been truly incredible to …

Pick of 2015 - Professional Freestyle Skateboarders

Pick of 2015 – Professional

The world of professional freestyle skateboarding is driven by passion. A passion to explore your own creativity, to push yourself to your limits and see what you’re truly capable of. It isn’t something you do for the money. There’s no energy drink sponsorship or signature shoe at the end of …

LateNews - Freestyle Skateboarding News

LateNews Winter 2015

Despite the typically lousy weather, the final four months of 2015 still saw plenty of freestyle skateboarding action across the globe. With five contests, countless jams, demos and much more, the freestyle community ended 2015 in style. Freestyle Contest News 2 Etapa do Brasileiro de Freestyle Skateboard 2015 First up …

LateNews - Freestyle Skateboarding News Summer 2015

LateNews May – August 2015

What a summer it’s been. Freestyle skateboarders from all over the globe have been throwing down some truly incredible skating in an impressive array of contests, demonstrations and epic video parts. Meanwhile, the freestyle industry has grown exponentially, as more and more mainstream companies and figureheads are beginning to notice …

Road to Paderborn - Coming Soon

Road to Paderborn Trailer

On Friday 12th June 2015, a group of 7 British freestylers and 1 American legend set off on trip across the channel to the 15th Annual Freestyle Skateboarding Contest in Paderborn, Germany. Along the way there were plenty of laughs, the world’s finest bridges, incredibly inconvenient roadworks, wasser mit gas …

Paderborn Freestyle Skateboard Contest 2015 - Event Preview

Paderborn 2015 Preview

With the freestyle skateboarding contest season in full swing, June welcomes the return of the Paderborn BBQ Skateboarding Contest; THE event for European Freestylers. This year’s Freestyle Contest is looking to be one of the most diverse in it’s history, with riders from at least 8 different nations heading over …