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Fantasy Freestyle 2017

Fantasy Freestyle Contest 17

After the rousing success of last year’s contest, we are excited to be bringing back our (totally unofficial) fantasy freestyle contest! For those of you who have never played fantasy freestyle before, the rules are simple. Pick the freestylers that you think will perform best at this year’s World Round …

Ones to Watch 2017 - top freestyle skateboarders

Ones to Watch 2017

Freestyle skateboarding is continually evolving, driven by the dedication, creativity and self-expression of skaters across the world. As time goes by, the number of freestylers across the globe continues to rise, with each new skater making their own unique contribution to the sport. This is one of the most exciting …

Pick of Video Parts 2016

Pick of 2016 – Video Parts

2016 was the year that Instagram reigned supreme, with many prominent freestylers moving away from the full-length video part and sharing shorter, punchier videos on an almost daily basis. This shift could be viewed as having both a positive and a negative impact on freestyle. Whilst the continual stream of …

Pick of 2016 - Amateur

Pick of 2016 – Amateurs

Freestyle Skateboarding is at an interesting point right now, with the lines between professional and amateur level skating becoming increasingly blurred. Pro-Am freestyle contests have typically proven this to be the case, with some of the world’s top professionals being beaten by up and coming amateurs. Perhaps the reason for …

Looking back - Ones to Watch 2016

Looking Back: Ones to Watch

Way back in March 2016, we picked out five incredible up and coming freestylers who had showed real promise in 2015 and that we felt would be worth watching out for over the coming year. Each of these freestylers would continue to better themselves and keep pushing their abilities, growing …

Freestyle Skateboarding at South Bank

London Freestyle Jam 2016

The UK freestyle scene has come a long way in a short space of time, with jams, demos and events now commonplace throughout the year. The annual meeting at London’s famous South Bank has now become one of these annual gatherings, attracting freestylers from across the UK for a catch …

LateNews - Spring to Summer freestyle skateboarding news 2016

LateNews: Summer 2016

The summer of 2016 brought us some truly incredible freestyle from across the globe, with major contests in Canada, Germany, Sweden and, to a lesser extent, the UK. The good weather has also welcomed a plethora of high quality and unique video parts, including one from the man himself, Rodney …

LateNews - Freestyle Skateboarding News

LateNews: January-March 2016

The cold, rainy winter season finally seems to be over as we move into a glorious freestyle-filled springtime with plenty of contests, demos and jams yet to come. 2016 has seen an exciting start to the competitive freestyle scene with three contests already having taken place and a stellar professional …